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After years as a successful and popular Montana fishing and hunting guide, Trapper Knight is dropped to his knees by the brutal death of his only son. The once affable man now polishes his sorrow with alcohol and solitude.

Battling his past, he rows his way through fly fishing guide trips on some of Montana’s Blue Ribbon fisheries supported by friends and relatives. The beauty of the mountain West along with sparkling tail dancing trout on the end of his fly line slowly awakens him from his stupor. His best friend risks his reputation to help Trapper by finding him a temporary and unlikely job. All is not what it seems and Trapper finds himself crawling out of his emotional hell only to find himself in the middle of a life and death struggle of a different kind.

With help from a group of badly injured Iraqi war veterans, he battles his way through the Montana back country in a struggle for his life and the lives of those he cares most about.

Wounded Knights, my first novel is now available in both eBook and Paperback!

Wounded Knights Cover

You can purchase either an eBook for your Kindle, or the 5 x 8 inch paperback version.

To order an autographed copy of the paperback, mail a check (Sorry, no Credit Cards accepted at this time) for $10 plus $5 shipping and handling to:

Trapper Badovinac * 5585 Silver Creek Road * Helena, MT 59602

Please include a note with your check if you wish the book to be personalized as well as autographed. If the book is a gift, be sure to include the receiver's name and address. If multiple copies are mailed to the same address at the same time, the shipping and handling for the first book is $5.00 and each additional book is only $2.00 extra per book. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

(833) 886-7194

Currently, Apple and Barnes and Noble do not offer both versions of my book. When they become available, I'll create a link to those sites.

Both fly fishing books are now out of print. I have a few copies in my personal inventory
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Fly Patterns and Recipes are now here online. Trapper's innovative patterns along with the recipes are now available on this website. These are proven patterns from years of research and testing. Some are his very own, others are from well known tiers but with variations to better fit specific fisheries. Click here.

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